Consultation packages

Tier 1


Payment Plan Available

1. Get Educated On The Music Business (Books, Podcasts, and classes)

2. Get Help Filing Your LLC And Trademarking Your Artist Name

3. Get Help Registering Your Songs

4. Get Help Managing Your Finances And Creating An Artist Budget Plan

5. Get Help With Your Single/EP/Album Rollouts & Marketing Resources

6. Get Help With Your EPK Design & Development For Pitching To Labels And Events

7. Get Help Developing Music Video Concepts & Directing

8. Get 3 Hours Of Consultations Per month

9. Get Help Developing A Sustainability Plan

10. Get Referrals To Vocal Coaches, Lyricists, Producers, Graphic Designers, etc.

Tier 2


Payment Plan Available 

1. All of Tier 1 Included!

2. Get Help With Pitching For Sync Licensing Deals

3. Get Help With Pitching For Artist Brand Sponsorships

4. Get Help With Pitching For Artist Bookings And Performances

5. Get Help With Pitching To Music Publishing Companies

6. Get 4 hours Of Consultations per month


In the bustling city of Melodyville, where the streets hummed with the rhythm of dreams, there existed a haven for aspiring musicians: Caliber Music Management. Led by the visionaries, Peter & Sarah, the agency was more than just a company; it was a beacon of hope for artists trapped in the labyrinth of the music industry.

For years, artists found themselves entangled in a web of challenges - from tirelessly promoting their music to struggling with bookings, monetization, and distribution. They were adrift, seeking a guiding light amidst the chaos.

Enter Caliber Music Management, with its promise to untangle the knots of uncertainty and propel artists forward. With a dedicated team, they became the bridge between talent and success, offering a comprehensive suite of services to address every facet of an artist's journey.

From crafting strategic marketing campaigns to securing coveted spots on influential playlists, Caliber Music Management was the catalyst for transformation. They ensured artists were not just heard, but seen, felt, and remembered.

But their mission extended beyond mere promotion. Recognizing the importance of financial stability, they provided guidance on budgeting, saving for the future, and structuring sustainable business models. They empowered artists to not only thrive creatively but also financially.

In the heart of Caliber Music Management's ethos was the belief in connections. They forged alliances with industry giants, opening doors that were once thought inaccessible. Through networking events, workshops, and collaborations, they cultivated a community where artists flourished together.

One by one, artists found themselves breaking free from the shackles of obscurity, their melodies resonating far beyond their wildest dreams. With Caliber Music Management as their steadfast guide, they embarked on a journey towards greatness, their sights set firmly on the horizon of success.

In the end, it wasn't just about reaching the next stage in their careers; it was about transcending limitations and becoming the architects of their destinies. And for those who dared to dream, Caliber Music Management was there to turn their aspirations into reality, one note at a time…